Hello Darlings,

It’s a beautiful day to strut your stuff with a nice new get-up from Shop Canary Clothing.

We’d love for you to join our Canary Diamonds and indulge yourself in our collections.

Don’t we all sometimes wish we can step back in time; maybe to a specific era or epoch where style and trend was slightly different? Like the Canaries of the vintage Jazz scene, personal style can exude and radiate personality which is infectious to those around us. Established in 2017 but inspirited by times gone by our Shop Canary Clothing boutique is all about vintage inspired pieces and timeless iconic designs which let you experience the vogue of eras past but with a modern, contemporary spirit.

As women we all have a unique and beautiful essence within us that can be echoed by our outward facing fashion choices. Our collections at Shop Canary Clothing are here to connect you with your vintage spirit.

Our Victorian Collection is our first collection for 2017 and embodies our passion and commitment to contemporary meets vintage design, channeling styles gone by into modern classics.

We long for you to be smitten with our Shop Canary Clothing collections as much as we are, darlings; we sincerely hope when you take a look through our clothing you’re mesmerized by our attention to detail and passion for vintage style. We want you to be transported to an era of elegance and chic every time you wear our pieces, feel connected to and empowered by the inspirational women in history in the comfort of modern finishing.

Take your time and enjoy breathing in our collections, we’re fashion for the timeless women here at Shop Canary Clothing.



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